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GuancheID is the easiest way to get a unique ID for macOS and Windows based computers, so you can use it in combination with GuancheMOS or your own software Licensing scheme to make sure your software only runs on the computer the license has been generated for.

You can use GuancheID without restrictions when running your apps in Debug Mode from the Xojo IDE, but a license is required when building an application that makes use of it.

GuancheID works on Xojo Desktop and Console projects Built as 32 or 64 bits executables.

GuancheID in the Store

You can buy your GuancheID License from the AprendeXojo Store using this link.

Using GuancheID on macOS

GuancheID relies on a dynamic library (.dylib) you need to copy to your project in order to work. This is something really simple to do! Follow this steps:

  • Select macOS under the Build Settings in the Xojo Project Browser IDE.
  • Access the contextual menu and select Add to macOS > Build Step > Copy Files.
  • Click on the Add File icon in the toolbar of the Copy File Editor and select the libSerial.dylib file provided with the GuancheID distribution.
  • The libSerial.dylib file will be added to the project.
  • Finally, select the entry Both in the Applies to field under the Behavior section, and select Framework Folder as Destination. That's all!

Registering GuancheID

In order to register GuancheID invoke the License method as follows, using the licensing information provided by AprendeXojo after the purchase:


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